Here's my eBay small business success story

Recent college graduate Neha Gajwani was committed to starting her own business—she just wasn’t sure where or how. But, she says, “eBay was right there, offering a really easy way to get started.” Before long, she was sourcing electronics accessories overseas and selling them through her own site and on eBay. As her business began to grow, Neha opened offices in Miami, then India, and most recently in China. A true international success story, Neha has expanded both her business footprint and her customer base globally, proving that marketplaces like eBay actually can make the world smaller.

Why did you first start selling on eBay? The barrier to entry was low — eBay made it simple for me to list a product, understand how to market that product, and understand what their role and my role would be in the process. It took something as complex as online selling and made it plausible for a beginner like myself. I wanted to start selling, and eBay basically held my hand throughout the process.

Why do you deserve this award? Honestly, there are a lot of sellers who deserve this – the other sellers I have met are so hardworking and inspiring. But, I look at what we’ve done in just a few short years — how many orders we’ve fulfilled, the number of places we sell in, being able to expand offices to India and China, and the incredible team we've built — and I do feel proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish as a global business!

How has selling on eBay contributed to your success? It got me started, and I believe that at least half your success comes from just starting and doing rather than spending too much time thinking and debating an idea. Since eBay was so easy to use, there was really no excuse NOT to start!

What is your proudest selling moment on eBay? I still have a printed pass from my very first order from eBay — I’m not sure I’ve ever been as excited as I was by that first order! After the sale, I called them and sent them flowers. I may have gone overboard, but I was just so excited!

What advice would you give to other sellers? If I'm stressed, I try to imagine what I’ll think of this situation in ten years. Generally, it won’t matter too much in ten years, and once I feel a bit calmer, I can just keep on flying.