Here's my eBay small business success story

Laurie Wong didn’t start her community resource center and food pantry, Reflections of Trinity, as an eBay business. But with a friend’s help and a willingness to try something new, Laurie began what she calls her “online adventure” in 2005. It’s a decision, she says, that changed the trajectory of her business. With the ability to sell locally, nationally, and internationally on eBay, Laurie reports that Reflections of Trinity’s revenue has increased between $60,000 and $85,000 for each of the past five years. In 2015 alone, Reflections of Trinity distributed 12,429 boxes of groceries (622,965 lbs. of food!) to those in need. Along the way, Laurie says she’s gone from skeptical and uninformed about eBay to an experienced seller with an Achor-level eBay Store and staff of three.

Why do you deserve this award? Winning this award helps us say “YES!” to hundreds of senior citizens that are food insecure and will help us afford the walk-in freezer we’ve so desperately needed to grow our food pantry and serve more people.

How has selling on eBay contributed to your success? The revenue we receive from eBay has created two jobs and increased our overall gross revenue by 30-50%. It’s also allowed us to expand from a small back office in the store to a warehouse with three offices.

What is your proudest selling moment on eBay? In 2012, we sold items on eBay to raise money for our mission trip to Jamaica. Eleven team members went to serve at an orphanage for disabled children in the mountains of Jamaica and we were able to deliver more than 5,000 pounds of clothing, food, diapers, and other necessary supplies to the children there.

What was the most interesting item you’ve sold on eBay? I sold a house for a friend using eBay classified ads during the first year on eBay! I was thrilled!

What advice would you give to other sellers? Be diligent. If you can, try to list something every day to build consistency and stay steady. Set a goal for yourself and don’t stop (even when you feel like giving up) until you achieve success!