Global Business

Global Business

Prince Patel

Electronic Surplus Deals Inc.

Edison, NJ

8 Years Selling on eBay

1 Employee


Here's My eBay Small Business Success Story

Realizing he wasn't passionate about his degree in civil engineering, Prince used his knack for electronics to create a growing online store that set his career on a different, more rewarding path.

Why should we vote for you OR Why do you deserve this award?

If you were to ask someone about me, the chances of them bringing up eBay would be very high. I'm a huge advocate for the platform and everything it has to offer. With that being said, I grew my business from the ground up with very little capital. I saved all my money working during a summer internship and it compounded from there. I documented a lot of this journey on my social media which is where I share my thoughts/information regarding eBay. I have been able to grow a following where we learn and grow together. It works full circle - the more I am able to succeed, the more I am able to give.

How has selling on eBay contributed to your success?

A more difficult question to answer would be 'How has selling on eBay NOT contributed to your success?'. eBay has been the backbone of my e-commerce career. I've been able to leverage the traffic on the platform and garner high revenue sales. The type of freedom that comes with running an online business has given me the opportunity to improve many aspects of my life. I can go to the gym, spend time with family, travel, and so much more than a typical 9-5 just wouldn't allow me to do.

What is your proudest business moment on eBay?

My proudest business moment was when entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk shared my eBay story on his medium. It meant a lot to me to be acknowledged for the years of work I've put into this platform. The whole experience enlightened me and made me realize how much good can come out of sharing my story. I've gotten thousands of messages from people all around the world who have learned something new or been inspired/motivated from what I do.

When we say 'fill your cart with color', what color do you bring to eBay?

The saying 'fill your cart with color' makes me think of how diversified the platform really is. People all around the world sell all kinds of different products. The beauty of eBay is that there are so many unique listings that can only be found on eBay. When I sell something that can only be found in my store I feel like I am adding my own flavor and value to the platform.

Where does the inspiration for your business come from?

My inspiration for this business comes from a place of deep gratitude. I realize that there are people in the world less fortunate than me and I will never take that for granted. I want to present my full potential and put as much good out into the world as I can. I've utilized gratitude to overcome adversity and continue pushing myself. I'm motivated by the fact that others can be motivated by me.

How has the ability to sell globally impacted your business?

The ability to sell globally has been a major upside for me. As we all know e-commerce has been on the rise and the amount of traffic from global users has also been growing. The global shipping program makes selling globally extremely smooth. My sales have gone by upwards of 15% just from having the GSP option.